This is a 16ga round body hammer action SxS shotgun. It has intricate carvings all over the entire action. The barrels are 29.5" long. Via my Skeet's 12/16ga 14" bore gauge: chokes for Barrel 1: .000 Barrel 2: .022. I don't know how to zero this gauge with the provided ring, so I placed it in the barrel and used that reading as zero, then pulled it out and read the above numbers at the end of the muzzles. Using my Galazan brass choke gauge they read cylinder and improved modified. The length of pull is approximately 14.5". The chambers according my Galazan brass chamber gauge are just shy of 2 3/4", and there is a stamp on the barrel that is 65 so I assume this means chamber length in millimeters or rather 2 9/16" chambers. There is what I believe to be a Belgian black powder proof of a crown over ELG over a star. There is a lion over PV, which I believe is the Belgian smokeless powder proof.

Written on the rib of the barrels is "GEBR. SCHNIEWIND, BRAUNSCHWEIG" which I believe to be "Schniewind Brothers, Braunschweig (Germany)." Written on the sides of both barrels is what appears to be "FUR RANCHWALHER PULVER BESCHOSSEN" which I believe refers to something about smokeless powder. The wood to metal fit seems to be as original with next to no scratches or marks, and the lever position seems to indicate very light use. My inquiry of this gun on the internet leads me to think it was built around the turn of the century, plus or minus 15 years and may be a high grade gun from a guild builder.

Can anyone provide any more information on this gun? If so, please email me at xxbensemail@fishrising.netxx (but remove the X's).

 Here are some pics: